Why we fly now?

“We travel by car 6 or 7 times, one good reason was to visit my sister in the Bay Area. It was a 21 hour drive for us and overnight in motel plus meals. Last year coming home [from Palm Royale CC in La Quinta, CA] we were in a huge accident. We were descending out of the San Bernardino mountains into the Mohave desert about seven in the morning. The highway was covered with ice, there were several semi trucks up side down, many cars turned over. We began to slide, we hit a pile of stuff in road , our car went over the top and stopped on other side, we went very slow on side road for several miles and then returned to highway. We stopped at a gas station to purchase some duct tape to patch up the front of the car. [Our fender was barely attached so we needed it to be taped down]. We said then that we would not do this long drive again. [It was a harrowing experience for two seniors let alone, it almost killed us.] When we calculated the cost there wasn’t much difference. Since then my sister has moved to Colorado. We decided to fly [to the desert to stay at Palm Royale CC] and rent a car. The cost for the rental car was$30/day. This was a very good decision for us. We will probably do this again [in subsequent years]. We are so grateful that we survived [the ordeal] but this [has given ] us another way to travel.” – Jean Barnhill, Oregon


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